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                         Please fill out the below form and click send . Please allow up to 48 hours for your quote. 

If you do not receive a reply within this time please email us directly ...

Foam Shape

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What is the size of foam you require (depth x height x length or diameter x length)? Please measure at its largest points. How many do you require?

What type of foam do you require?*

What hardness foam would you prefer?

Please describe what the foam will be used for.*

We can provide basic cotton covers for mattresses only. Please contact your local upholsterer for any other type of covering.*

If you require seating or bedding, are there any physical impairments we need to be made aware of that could influence our recommendation.

We require at least 5-7 days to cut your foam (depending on workload). Please allow longer times closer to Christmas, Easter, Public and School Holidays. Please advise when required.

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