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Products and Services

Here at Roche Foam we strive to provide you with the best products suited to your needs, even if it's just to replace a cushion that the dog chewed!


  • Flexible Polyurethane Foam Blocks and Sheeting
  • Foam Overlays
  • Memory Foam
  • Closed Cell Foam (PE and EVA)
  • Filter Foam, Air and Water
  • Acoustic Foam
  • Contact Adhesive for Foam
  • Loosefill Polyester (toy filling)
  • Polyester Rolls (Wadding/Dacron)
  • "Trimolay" Carpet Underlay


  • Custom cutting/shaping cushions, mattresses (including boats and caravans)
  • Case and Presentation Box Inserts
  • Profile Cutting
  • Supply and Cut Foam for Commercial Projects, New or Refurbishments
  • Basic Cotton Covers for Mattresses
  • Polyester wrapping of Cushions
  • Quotes
  • Delivery Adelaide Metro Area

ABN 22 007 926 972

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